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London in an Instant

Author: Cory I think we're ready to just pick up & move to London. Granted this was only our second trip there, but sometimes that's all it takes to know. I knew that I wanted to be with Jade for the rest of my life first time I saw her. I know it sounds like a cheesy, romantic thing to say, but it's absolutely true. Every...

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Paris in Black & White (For the Love of Film)

Well, I was going to wait till we were done sharing all of our London stories before I started sharing our adventures in Paris but something has come up. I was perusing one of my favorite instant film sites, Snap It See It, when I came across this post. Basically, Fuji has decided to discontinue their spectacular fuji FP-3000b film. Uh...

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How has your week been? My doctor put me on another round of antibiotics so this sickness is going to be wiped out of my body for good! Yesterday was the first day in 2 weeks that I didn't feel like complete death. The hubby and I were even able to venture out and go on a little coffee date. Last time I left the...

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More Than Just Black & White

I love vibrant, brilliant, magical color: always have, always will. However, last week I realized I had shot up all my color film and still had a pack of black and white that had been collecting dust on my desk for way too long. I loaded it into my land camera...

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'A portrait of one another, once a week for an entire year' Happy Friday!  Here are a few photographs taken on a walk downtown this week. The way the sun was falling from the clouds onto all the old, withered brick of the buildings was truly beautiful. This weekend, aside from catching up on schoolwork, emails, painting and dishes, Brianna and her fellow, Andrew, are visiting Portland! We've never...

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