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Creating Wonder with Blurb Books

This post is in collaboration with Blurb Books I work a lot with digital content, which means I don't often get to have physical pieces of my work. Almost all my photography is digital, save for maybe instant film, so sometimes I feel like I am missing out on being able to thumb through my work to admire it or pull it out to show others...

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Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

How beautiful it was to look out the window of our suite and gaze upon the gated entrance to Hyde Park. We had spent a few moments walking around Hyde Park Corner before tea a day or two before, but we really hadn't had the time to go deep into the park itself. Buttoning up our coats and slinging our cameras on, we started into the park...

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A Gracious Welcome

Our time in London was so completely extraordinary that it's hard to believe that it actually happened. This was my first trip out of the continental United States and I know for fact not my last. Though I believe I may have now ruined all future stays elsewhere because of this trip. It was so lavish, luxurious and full of beauty that I can't even...

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Every friday for the past 40 weeks, we have shared a portrait of one another along with some of our favorite findings from around the internet that particular week. Well, try as we might, we just didn't have the time to put together a post this past Friday. Not only have we been recovering from our London & Paris trip, but we have also been...

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London in Instagrams

Luxury, history, clotted cream and lots of tea. Our trip to London was incredibly special and way, way too short. It captured our hearts and made us start dreaming again. We absolutely can't wait to go back, but till then we will have to settle for reliving our experiences through our photographs. We can't wait to share it all with you...

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September in Instagrams

                OH, September, you were good to us. It seemed as though we never stopped eating, drinking and celebrating. We celebrated (and in some cases photographed) lovely unions. We had the honor and pleasure of being a part of the Portland Fashion Week Style Collective where we got to attend fashion week, made new, talented friends and interview a few of our favorite Portland institutions including Xtabay,...

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Well, we are back home in Portland. Our time in London and Paris was a magical whirlwind and are already dreaming abut our next trip. We absolutely can't wait to share all the photographs we took, but for now, here are a few links we are endlessly enraptured with this week… Inspired by the language of love. Dreaming of our return to London. There is something about it that...

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Just checking in from our holiday in London! We started our trip with a 24 hour lack of sleep throughout several flight transfers and arrived at the The Lanesborough pretty much ready for bed. Following the fourteen hour hibernation, we decided it was time to get out there and really see London for all it's worth. We wandered through the corners of Hyde Park, peered down...

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Something Sweet

Here's hoping you get to share a little something sweet with someone you love today. Cory and I are pretty spoiled living right down the street from one of the best bakeries in town (you remember those morning buns). We still can't help but daydream about the lovely treats we are going to discovery on our trip. Happy Sunday everyone...

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