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London in an Instant

Author: Cory I think we're ready to just pick up & move to London. Granted this was only our second trip there, but sometimes that's all it takes to know. I knew that I wanted to be with Jade for the rest of my life first time I saw her. I know it sounds like a cheesy, romantic thing to say, but it's absolutely true. Every...

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March in Instagrams

               Photographs courtesy of Jade’s instagram, Cory’s instagram and our instagram. March was a roller coaster: lots of extreme highs and extreme lows. Spring arrived in Portland.  I started seeing a new doctor. We gave our 30 days notice and celebrated over a few cups of coffee. We couldn't resist indulging in a few sweet treats after seeing The Grand Budapest Hotel. I think April is going to be about recharging...

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Notting Hill and Portobello Road

For years, I had avoided watching the movie Notting Hill. I'm a grump that way. But Jade kept asking me to watch it with her and finally I gave in. Now we've watched it countless times together. It's a ridiculously charming story about a average English bloke who falls in love with a super famous American movie star and all the quandaries they face to...

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Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

How beautiful it was to look out the window of our suite and gaze upon the gated entrance to Hyde Park. We had spent a few moments walking around Hyde Park Corner before tea a day or two before, but we really hadn't had the time to go deep into the park itself. Buttoning up our coats and slinging our cameras on, we started into the park...

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London & Paris in Polaroids

It's winter. The days have become too short and too cold. To brighten my spirit and warm my heart, I decided to relive our magical trip through the polaroids we took. Hope they bring a bit of warmth and cheer to you too...

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London in Instagrams

Luxury, history, clotted cream and lots of tea. Our trip to London was incredibly special and way, way too short. It captured our hearts and made us start dreaming again. We absolutely can't wait to go back, but till then we will have to settle for reliving our experiences through our photographs. We can't wait to share it all with you...

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American Woods Favorites

Well, I've had myself another scanning party. I've been stuck at home trying to get used to the bottom braces I had put on Monday morning. 5 months down, only 12 more to go! Woo! Today Cory and I wanted to share some of our favorite polaroids we took with Impossible Project's American Woods Edition Film. We had so much fun with this edition. Thank you...

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More Than Just Black & White

I love vibrant, brilliant, magical color: always have, always will. However, last week I realized I had shot up all my color film and still had a pack of black and white that had been collecting dust on my desk for way too long. I loaded it into my land camera...

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'A portrait of one another, once a week for an entire year' Happy Friday!  Here are a few photographs taken on a walk downtown this week. The way the sun was falling from the clouds onto all the old, withered brick of the buildings was truly beautiful. This weekend, aside from catching up on schoolwork, emails, painting and dishes, Brianna and her fellow, Andrew, are visiting Portland! We've never...

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