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29 Years Worth Celebrating

My mother and father are your classic sentimental parents. Every year on my birthday they tell the same stories, without fail. My dad will show me old pictures (you know, ones I hate but he treasures) & laugh as he tells stories about the silly pranks he used to pull on me. My mom will wax poetic about the floral wallpaper that lined every inch...

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Modern Romance

A few mornings ago, Jade wanted to take a trip to Powells to pick up Aziz Ansari's new book, "Modern Romance." Just a few pages in, we couldn't help but start reminiscing about our own romance. Jade and I have been together for 8 years now. In some ways it seems like we just met and in other ways I can't quite remember what life was...

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Dapper & Wise

On a rather unusually sunny afternoon in late January we had our first visit to Dapper & Wise. They opened their doors just a short time ago and are now roasting beans and serving up hot cups everyday of the week, except Sundays. It is owned by the brilliant folks who first opened Insomnia Coffee, two family friendly coffee houses where they welcome live music, displays of...

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Laduree and the Difficulties of Writing

Writing can be difficult, whether you write often or from time to time. Reporting dry information about a location in the world, a relatively well known business, or a person with accolade-a-plenty can be as simple as a three and a half minute Google search and some half decent regurgitation. Writing sincerely and from the heart is much, much harder. Producing something original, poignant and...

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A little his and hers' treats to share with you today. He opted for the chocolate chip cookie and latte while I decided to try the blackberry macaron and macchiato (0f course we didn't mind sharing with one another). Ken's is literally down the street from our home. It's quite dangerous for the waistline...

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