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Summer Days & Chambray Jumpsuits

Author: Cory There is a certain level of comfort you have to have to take portraits of people. Not the self soothing comfort that calms your nerves when you feel anxious, although that certainly does help. More like the confidence and personabilty to understand, empathize, and relate to someone in any state of being. In my experience, if you can't look a person in the eye and...

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Ready for the Weekend

Happy National Donut Day! Donut? Doughnut? Which do you prefer? I've always preferred doughnut. But when a bakery refers to them as donuts, I don't discriminate. I happily gobble them down. If you are in Portland, we definitely recommend checking out Pip's Original or Blue Star to get your fried dough fix. Will you be indulging in doughnuts today? I couldn't resist eating a few and...

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