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The Ampersand Hotel

This post is in collaboration with The Ampersand Hotel Arriving in London after an 11 to 14 hour flight can be a bit frazzling. Jade and I have taken this trip a few times and between the jet-lag, the usual cramped flight arrangements, and the having been up for almost 24 hours straight, we really just want to get in an cut out for the day....

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Craving for Beauty

"Tea is quiet and our thirst for tea is never far from our craving for beauty." - James Norwood Pratt   ...

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Our First Walk Around London

The second day of our trip was really our first full day in London. When we arrived we were just simply so sleep deprived and exasperated, we pretty much just had to lay in bed in our suite and slowly fade into unconsciousness. When we awoke, we ordered coffee and tea. Soaking in the beauty and luxury of our suite while sipping on tea and...

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A Gracious Welcome

Our time in London was so completely extraordinary that it's hard to believe that it actually happened. This was my first trip out of the continental United States and I know for fact not my last. Though I believe I may have now ruined all future stays elsewhere because of this trip. It was so lavish, luxurious and full of beauty that I can't even...

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