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Slow Down with Schoolhouse

This post is in collaboration with Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. Author: Cory We recently had the opportunity to partner with Schoolhouse Electric for their #SlowDownWithSchoolhouse campaign where we scouted the city to see some of the best uses of their brilliant light fixtures. Lighting is one of those subtle things in any shop or studio that can literally and figuratively change the way you see your environment....

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July in Instagrams

        Photographs courtesy of Jade’s instagram, Cory’s instagram and our instagram. This summer has been hotter than any summer I can remember. When I was a child, we would only have 4 or 5 days during the summer that was over 90. Now we have weeks of it. Portland rain, please come back to me!...

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Télescope Café

Télescope Café was first brought to our attention through Alice's post. That lovely lady knows about coffee so we were thrilled to find out that Télescope was only a few minutes walk from where we were staying. Our only regret is that we only had one morning to enjoy Télescope's delicious coffee and croissants...

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Coava (Hawthorne)

Coava has been one of our 'go to' coffee shops for years now, not only because of their perfectly poured beverages but for the incredible open space they serve in. It's somehow industrial and homey all at once. When we first started going, it felt like our own little secret oasis. There was always an open seat and the only noise you heard was the...

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Ready for the Weekend

We learned this week that we are not meant to grocery shop late at night. And by late, I mean anytime after 6. Cory used to work nights, so we would grocery shop in the mornings or on weekends. We always considered it a date type of activity. We would take our time and meander down every isle. Yes, it was a chore that had...

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Ready for the Weekend

Cory is off picking up the keys to our new apartment as we speak! I still kind of can't believe we are moving, even as I sit here surrounded by boxes. Once he is back, we are thinking of going out for a celebratory brunch at Maurice, but we may have to make a pitstop at St. Honoré Boulangerie to pick up a bag of chouquettes. This weekend...

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Heart Roasters on Southwest 12th Avenue

We try to go out to a few new places around town each week. That is not to say we do that every week. It's easy to get stuck in the familiar and comfortable places that we usually go, especially when they are just so convenient. Since moving into our neighborhood in Northwest Portland we have been sticking to places predominantly around the Northwest quadrant....

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The Wolseley

After a few mornings dining in our suite at The Lanesborough, we decided that we needed to venture out and have a substantial English breakfast. London is a big place it turns out and there are lots of wonderful places all over. Here I thought I was going to be able to experience all of the best parts of London within the week we were there....

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Harding & Wilson

I haven't always been the most fashionable of person. I spent the first portion of my life being dressed by my mother like most children under their teenage years. Even when I had the opportunity to begin picking my own clothes as an adolescent I still made some questionable choices at best. Even after meeting Jade some years ago i still was hesitant to change...

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Afternoon Tea with Steven Smith

I've never really been a tea drinker. That said, I've been drinking tea all my life. When I was young and lived in a small logging town in the hills of the northwest, my father would get those big boxes of Ice Nestea, fill up a gallon jar with water and plunge about ten sachets in and let it sit in the sun for hours...

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