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We love baked goods. If you have followed this space for any amount of time, then this doesn't surprise you in the least. There is very little in this world that we appreciate more than a perfectly crafted croissant or hand pie: they are comforting, heart warming, and are somehow able to make any day better. We are constantly on the search for the best of...

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Ready for the Weekend

Cory is off picking up the keys to our new apartment as we speak! I still kind of can't believe we are moving, even as I sit here surrounded by boxes. Once he is back, we are thinking of going out for a celebratory brunch at Maurice, but we may have to make a pitstop at St. Honoré Boulangerie to pick up a bag of chouquettes. This weekend...

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Ready for the Weekend

Its been a rough week around here with the construction next door waking us up way too early, our upstair neighbors clunking around incessantly, added tension from the  chain added to my braces (only a few more months to go!) and a visit to a new specialist to finally get all my health woes under control...

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Notting Hill and Portobello Road

For years, I had avoided watching the movie Notting Hill. I'm a grump that way. But Jade kept asking me to watch it with her and finally I gave in. Now we've watched it countless times together. It's a ridiculously charming story about a average English bloke who falls in love with a super famous American movie star and all the quandaries they face to...

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A Sweet Sunday at Little t Baker in Union Way

I'm finding more and more as I get older that I have a particular taste in places I like to hang out. I want the space to be relatively well lit with decent natural light, or at least some unique and charming indoor lighting. That might be because I know what horrible lighting can do to a photo-shoot you are dying to come out perfectly....

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A Sweet Sunday at St. Honoré Boulangerie

We have been wanting to start a Sunday tradition. We do go out on the weekend occasionally to get a cup of coffee or get a treat to take home, but it hasn't been an actual tradition. We have a dream of going to a wonderful place such as a bakery or patisserie to take in the ambiance and treat ourselves to something special while...

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The Wolseley

After a few mornings dining in our suite at The Lanesborough, we decided that we needed to venture out and have a substantial English breakfast. London is a big place it turns out and there are lots of wonderful places all over. Here I thought I was going to be able to experience all of the best parts of London within the week we were there....

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So, we have made it through the first of this wonderful seasons' holidays. Even though I didn't get to go out trick-or-treating (believe me I would have if Jade would let me) and I had to work last night and miss out on the festivities, we still had A LOT of fun last weekend dressing up and doing our annual Halloween festivities. This is one...

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London in Instagrams

Luxury, history, clotted cream and lots of tea. Our trip to London was incredibly special and way, way too short. It captured our hearts and made us start dreaming again. We absolutely can't wait to go back, but till then we will have to settle for reliving our experiences through our photographs. We can't wait to share it all with you...

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