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Creating Wonder with Blurb Books

This post is in collaboration with Blurb Books I work a lot with digital content, which means I don't often get to have physical pieces of my work. Almost all my photography is digital, save for maybe instant film, so sometimes I feel like I am missing out on being able to thumb through my work to admire it or pull it out to show others...

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Slow Down with Schoolhouse

This post is in collaboration with Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. Author: Cory We recently had the opportunity to partner with Schoolhouse Electric for their #SlowDownWithSchoolhouse campaign where we scouted the city to see some of the best uses of their brilliant light fixtures. Lighting is one of those subtle things in any shop or studio that can literally and figuratively change the way you see your environment....

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Life in an Instant

It has been some time since I've shared a collection of instant shots. I think the last time might have been our London and Paris ones! Instant film captures moments in such a special way, a way my words are lost on. ...

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Ready for the Weekend

We learned this week that we are not meant to grocery shop late at night. And by late, I mean anytime after 6. Cory used to work nights, so we would grocery shop in the mornings or on weekends. We always considered it a date type of activity. We would take our time and meander down every isle. Yes, it was a chore that had...

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